These Gorgeous Locations Have Iconic Palm Tree Landscapes

May 22

No vision of a Caribbean island is complete without palm trees sprinkled within the scenery, but beautiful and majestic palm trees aren’t only enjoyed in island life. The United States houses countless different collections of palm trees that are not only admired, but have reached iconic status across the country.

IMG_0510aWindsor Boulevard in Hollywood
We all know what the Hollywood sign looks like, with its huge white lettering sitting atop a distant hillside. Many of the pictures capturing this classic image are taken through the frame of the palm fronds lining Windsor Blvd. Most tourists who arrive in Hollywood searching for that same photo op wind up leaving confused and frustrated, unable to find the famous road leading to Hollywood with tall, distinguished palms in one straight and perfect line. Well, the road is actually found in Hancock Park, an idyllic neighborhood where, right between 4th and 6th streets, you can find that iconic view of the Hollywood sign!

Jupiter Inlet, Florida
Jupiter, Florida, located in the southeast portion of the state, has been home to the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse since 1853. Along the water, opposite of the lighthouse, you can find a collection of exquisite coconut Tampa palm trees standing right in a row, just begging to be photographed in the sunset. Coconut palms have slender trunks and drooping fronds, making them the ultimate definition of a tropical palm tree. Their laid-back, no-worries vibe make them the perfect accompaniment to just about any Tampa landscaper.

Mexican Fan Palms Far From Mexico
Despite the name, Mexican Fan Palms are very popular in Florida and beyond. Most of them soar far beyond 100 feet in height, and their trunks become larger at the bottom like an upside down sugar cone. In some cities in California, the Mexican fan palms soar higher than some of the skyscrapers in the city. With their bare trunks reaching toward the sky, they’re quite an image.

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Is Pinterest Worth Your Company’s Time?

May 13

Most companies don’t have endless amounts of time and resources to spend establishing a strong social media marketing presence, so they carefully choose the platforms on which they will focus and remain dedicated. Facebook and Twitter usually win that contest, with Instagram sometimes gaining popularity among newer and edgier businesses. But what about Pinterest?


What Is Pinterest?
Unlike Facebook, which is now a seasoned veteran in the Internet world with more than ten years of experience, Pinterest launched just a few years ago. It’s a social network that allows users to share and discover visual images or videos on every topic under the sun. When users find an image they like, they can “pin” it to their virtual board, where their Pinterest friends can see it. Users can also create multiple boards on different topics, so a 25-year-old woman might have boards about weddings, vacation spots, house design ideas, and more.

Should Your Company Care?
In short, yes! Even though Pinterest isn’t as high profile as Facebook, it can serve vital purposes and generate dramatic results. First and foremost, Pinterest is becoming more appealing for Tampa internet marketing advertising purposes now that the site is planning to offer video advertisements like Facebook. Considering that 93 percent of businesses are using online videos for their marketing, and online videos account for half of all mobile web traffic, video advertising is officially the hottest marketing trend of the year.

If your business invested money in Pinterest advertisements, your video would autoplay whenever a user scrolled over it. This is more significant than ever because 33 percent of Pinterest sign-ups are now coming from men, which opens up an entirely new demographic for the site—and for your business!

Of course, you can also utilize Pinterest for your business without incurring any costs by forming your own Pinterest page and posting pins that generate traffic to your Pinterest page and, more importantly, your website. By linking the two together, Pinterest can help your company capture more traffic that would normally head to a different web spot.

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Keeping Your Business Up and Running

Nov 22

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to web hosting is reliability. Not only does it hurt a business if the company goes offline, but it makes customers question what else with may be wrong with the company. If you do sales online, having the website go down can translate to a loss of potentially thousands of dollars. When it comes to keeping a website online 99.999% of the time, companies need to hire an experience Tampa managed IT services provider.

business IT

To know if you’re getting a qualified company to handle your website, you should make sure they have a high speed bandwidth, continual backups, and uptime of at least 99.999%. The purpose of hiring this type of company is to help your company not have to deal with tech issues and to not have to worry whether or not things will be running smoothly.

Another, but just as important, feature companies need to inquire about is security. Security updates should be made as soon as they are available. The highest quality of hardware should also be used. Web developers should always be available to the company for any questions or enhancements. Live support should always be easy to contact, either by phone or by email. Companies considering using a managed IT service provider may also want to ask if the company is green, if that is important to them. Recycling old servers can now be done, keeping them out of the landfills, although not all managed IT service providers are doing this.

It’s also important to make sure the company you choose offers Microsoft web hosting support if you want it. Streamlining your IT support team can be easy when you choose a qualified, expert managed IT services company. Not only will your website be up and running, keeping you in business, but you’ll have the support you need from professionals who are eager to help and answer your questions.

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Server support for small business

Nov 22

Small business forms an important part of global business. After all this is what generates most new jobs, employment, and keeps economies going in most capitalist countries. In order to ensure that small business runs smoothly, it needs to be provided with the right server support or it infrastructure management.

So what is good server support? Most business software applications run on servers which give employees a centralized platform to access information and run their business needs. This could be payroll software, CRM software, file systems, accounting, HR, ERP applications amongst many other line of business applications. Applications run on operating systems like Windows or Linux, and it is important to maintain the operating systems for optimal health. This includes properly patching all security vulnerabilities using Windows Updates, ensuring that server is running proper security software like firewall and anti-virus and other preventative maintenance items. Preventative maintenance items include deleting temporary files and defragmenting the disk on a periodic basis.

Talking about physical conditions for IT Infrastructure management, small business needs to make sure that all servers and racks are maintained in right temperature conditions, power backup, humidity, and away from a dusty environment. It is always recommended to have your server under manufacturer or vendor warranty, with a quick replacement service level agreement with them. Any sort of hardware failures can occur, and you need to be protected and ensure minimal downtime for your business needs.

The other important thing in small business server support is around backups and disaster recovery. This is an aspect that most small businesses ignore all together. It is extremely important to invest in good backup software. Today, there is a wide range of bare-metal recovery backup products available in the market. Bare metal recovery backs up an entire server disk volume as opposed to only certain files or applications. This makes recovering the entire disk volume much easier and hassle free recovery. An added feature of these products is the fact that they can also do recovery on different server hardware. So, if there is a hardware failure, you can simply paste the bare-metal recovery image on to a new hardware and you’re ready to be back online.

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Setting up security on server: Complete Guide

Nov 22

Setting up the security on your web server is an integral part of ensuring that your business website runs smoothly. Not only does it secure you from attacks and interruptions but it also increases the users confidence in accessing your site. The type of security needed for a website server varies depending on a variety of factors. Simply put every system, be it ubuntu, linux or windows, has it’s own security settings.

The fundamentals of these settings are similar though. This article features how to use Apache to secure your servers. It is the preference of many. SSL(Secure Socket layer) and TLS(Transport Layer Security) are protocols that ensure secure HTTP connections between the client and the web server. This is extremely useful for e-commerce sites as it protects the client private information. This includes credit card details, passwords, email details and generally private information.Use Of SSL/TLS certificates ensures that both the e client and website authenticate each other. OpenSSL is automatically installed with Apache.
First one needs to create a SSL certificate that will authenticate both the client and the server. This is achieved by getting a certificate signed by a recognized authority. A private key is generated for the certificate authority. This key is then used to sign the server certificate. A self signed certificate can also be created here.
The Apache web server security also requires a few other setting changes. In order to hide the Apache version and Os identity one needs to off the ‘server signature’ and ‘server token prod’ in the configuration file. This is achieved using vim editor. Another way on can secure their website is by regularly updating Apache. The Apache community always has new tools and fixes to further increase the security. It is also recommended that one switch off unused modules.

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Important Aspects of Setting Up Business Mailing List

Nov 22

When you have gathered a collection of email addresses of people who have frequented your website, the best thing to do is create a mailing list to keep interest fresh. A mailing list is the perfect way to remind people of your online presence and keep them up to speed on the latest news regarding your site, including some of the changes the website may have undergone. A mailing list also sends out important alerts. For example, small online businesses are known to use such lists to spread the word on year-end clearances.

SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday – Email Marketing and SEO from SEOmoz on Vimeo.

When it comes to setting up business mailing list, webmasters may have many questions. While one person may inquire on how to collect email addresses for their list, another may want to know what to include on mass emails. Below you will learn about these two main points regarding the setup of a mailing list:

Collecting Email Addresses

Today, many sites on the Web request email addresses, making Internet users quite familiar with typing this piece of information on some of the pages they visit. Many people even have a special email address set aside just for this purpose in order to avoid the onslaught of spam. This means it is rather common to see sites ask a visitor to submit their email in exchange for access to something that sparks their interest. This is the more forced approach towards collecting email addresses.

Some webmasters accomplish voluntary responses by including a small, inconspicuous box on each web page that gives visitors the option of entering their email address to become part of a newsletter or mailing list. While you may receive a smaller group of people, at least you know they are all truly interested in what you have to say or what you are selling. When collecting email addresses, you have to ask yourself if you want to make the option voluntary or “force” people to enter their contact information. Some of the factors that help make this decision include how many emails you plan on sending out and the kind of response you wish to gain.

What to Include in Mailing List Correspondence

The emails you send to the people on your mailing list should hit home and contain useful information. Sending boring or “regular” news will not gain a faithful following. If your emails contain nothing but useless technical garble that doesn’t do anyone good, users will get into the habit of automatically deleting your emails on sight. The information and updates contained in mailing emails needs to include relevant and helpful information that makes people look forward to reviewing your correspondences.

Another aspect of a mailing list email to consider including in your correspondences is a link to the latest changes or updates to a website. For businesses, this might be a link to the “product of the month” or to lowered prices on popular services or items. The email shouldn’t become an overload of links, but a couple important and hard-hitting links and teasers are suggested.

Overall, the object of a mailing list is to inform readers, spark curiosity and motivate users to click links and browse through a website. Hopefully, you will create a regular following and persuade visitors to come back frequently.

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Steps To Develop Effective Mass Email Marketing Strategy

Nov 22

emailmarketingEmail is the cheapest and the easiest way of communication between people all over the world. Emails know no boundaries as they inherit this property from the Web. Not only common people like me and you but also people who are engaged in online marketing of the products or services use the email facility to easily market their offerings to people who have email ids. It is also known as email marketing.From the early times of e mail marketing people accustomed to complain around the unknown mails becoming delivered in their inbox. Few organizations were possibly dragged in order to courts and were reprimanded too while they were either using wrong methods to create database of emails or had been irritating people by delivering unsolicited emails. This forced affiliate marketer to start permission promoting whereby an individual will supply his/her assent to obtain emails and this too just for those parts which passions him/her and only then will probably receive emails.

This is seen when we use some electronic mail service on the web like Bing!, Gmail, and Rediff. Another way and that is quite popular is with some electronic mail leeching software program to extract the e-mail ids through any web site. Few men and women or organizations buy electronic mail database through third parties to fulfill their web marketing needs. But those two methods too figure to illegitimate techniques. I will probably enlist a number of methods used to build a contact database without happening the incorrect track.

The methods are as follows:
1. Offer something for free – Free is the most weighted term online. It is the driving force behind any business. People tend to hover for free offerings and their decision can be easily swayed by using this term. To entice them for free offerings, provide something useful like an e-book or software and in return ask them for their email ids so that they can be added in the mailing list and can be provided with the information of any future offerings.

2. Subscription – If you are providing quality content then you will definitely have readers. Ask them to subscribe for the newsletter but keep in mind to keep the subscription process absolutely simple and short.

3. Hold Events – Organize some events like online seminar or contests on your website. It will draw huge crowd if you are providing something useful and to get it people don’t mind going through a brief registration process which includes submitting their email address.

4. Contact us form – Every website has a contact form. Never forget to include the “Enter email” field in the form.

5. Feedback form – Employ the “Feedback” form to collect the information from the visitors about the website, the product or service or anything that you want to know. Make the email address field mandatory.

6. Online surveys – It is also a useful tool to get a feel about any subject from the users online.

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