These Gorgeous Locations Have Iconic Palm Tree Landscapes

May 22

No vision of a Caribbean island is complete without palm trees sprinkled within the scenery, but beautiful and majestic palm trees aren’t only enjoyed in island life. The United States houses countless different collections of palm trees that are not only admired, but have reached iconic status across the country.

IMG_0510aWindsor Boulevard in Hollywood
We all know what the Hollywood sign looks like, with its huge white lettering sitting atop a distant hillside. Many of the pictures capturing this classic image are taken through the frame of the palm fronds lining Windsor Blvd. Most tourists who arrive in Hollywood searching for that same photo op wind up leaving confused and frustrated, unable to find the famous road leading to Hollywood with tall, distinguished palms in one straight and perfect line. Well, the road is actually found in Hancock Park, an idyllic neighborhood where, right between 4th and 6th streets, you can find that iconic view of the Hollywood sign!

Jupiter Inlet, Florida
Jupiter, Florida, located in the southeast portion of the state, has been home to the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse since 1853. Along the water, opposite of the lighthouse, you can find a collection of exquisite coconut Tampa palm trees standing right in a row, just begging to be photographed in the sunset. Coconut palms have slender trunks and drooping fronds, making them the ultimate definition of a tropical palm tree. Their laid-back, no-worries vibe make them the perfect accompaniment to just about any Tampa landscaper.

Mexican Fan Palms Far From Mexico
Despite the name, Mexican Fan Palms are very popular in Florida and beyond. Most of them soar far beyond 100 feet in height, and their trunks become larger at the bottom like an upside down sugar cone. In some cities in California, the Mexican fan palms soar higher than some of the skyscrapers in the city. With their bare trunks reaching toward the sky, they’re quite an image.

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