Is Pinterest Worth Your Company’s Time?

May 13

Most companies don’t have endless amounts of time and resources to spend establishing a strong social media marketing presence, so they carefully choose the platforms on which they will focus and remain dedicated. Facebook and Twitter usually win that contest, with Instagram sometimes gaining popularity among newer and edgier businesses. But what about Pinterest?


What Is Pinterest?
Unlike Facebook, which is now a seasoned veteran in the Internet world with more than ten years of experience, Pinterest launched just a few years ago. It’s a social network that allows users to share and discover visual images or videos on every topic under the sun. When users find an image they like, they can “pin” it to their virtual board, where their Pinterest friends can see it. Users can also create multiple boards on different topics, so a 25-year-old woman might have boards about weddings, vacation spots, house design ideas, and more.

Should Your Company Care?
In short, yes! Even though Pinterest isn’t as high profile as Facebook, it can serve vital purposes and generate dramatic results. First and foremost, Pinterest is becoming more appealing for Tampa internet marketing advertising purposes now that the site is planning to offer video advertisements like Facebook. Considering that 93 percent of businesses are using online videos for their marketing, and online videos account for half of all mobile web traffic, video advertising is officially the hottest marketing trend of the year.

If your business invested money in Pinterest advertisements, your video would autoplay whenever a user scrolled over it. This is more significant than ever because 33 percent of Pinterest sign-ups are now coming from men, which opens up an entirely new demographic for the site—and for your business!

Of course, you can also utilize Pinterest for your business without incurring any costs by forming your own Pinterest page and posting pins that generate traffic to your Pinterest page and, more importantly, your website. By linking the two together, Pinterest can help your company capture more traffic that would normally head to a different web spot.

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