Keeping Your Business Up and Running

Nov 22

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to web hosting is reliability. Not only does it hurt a business if the company goes offline, but it makes customers question what else with may be wrong with the company. If you do sales online, having the website go down can translate to a loss of potentially thousands of dollars. When it comes to keeping a website online 99.999% of the time, companies need to hire an experience Tampa managed IT services provider.

business IT

To know if you’re getting a qualified company to handle your website, you should make sure they have a high speed bandwidth, continual backups, and uptime of at least 99.999%. The purpose of hiring this type of company is to help your company not have to deal with tech issues and to not have to worry whether or not things will be running smoothly.

Another, but just as important, feature companies need to inquire about is security. Security updates should be made as soon as they are available. The highest quality of hardware should also be used. Web developers should always be available to the company for any questions or enhancements. Live support should always be easy to contact, either by phone or by email. Companies considering using a managed IT service provider may also want to ask if the company is green, if that is important to them. Recycling old servers can now be done, keeping them out of the landfills, although not all managed IT service providers are doing this.

It’s also important to make sure the company you choose offers Microsoft web hosting support if you want it. Streamlining your IT support team can be easy when you choose a qualified, expert managed IT services company. Not only will your website be up and running, keeping you in business, but you’ll have the support you need from professionals who are eager to help and answer your questions.

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